She moved her first artistic steps in Bassano del Grappa (VI), where she was born and raised. During her adolescence, she soon realized that her main interest was painting.

In the 1970s, after developing an interest in fictile art, she collaborated on projects with
architect Paolo D’ Anna and his team for a short time. Focusing on painting once again, she attended the International School of Graphics in Venice, first in the abstract painting section under Paola Ricci and Andreas Kramer, then in the design section with Nelson Takahiro Kishi. She took part in the Sommerakademie fur Kunst in Salzberg, where she met Watts Ouattara and Jean- Michel Basquiat of New York “Syncretism”.

She went through a short period of painting less immediately after the birth of her daughter in the early 80s. However, after moving to England and developing friendships with many local artists, her energy and inspiration to paint returned. She resumed painting with new emphasis and developed an even more abstract technical synthesis. After having the opportunity to travel around Europe, the Middle East, and the United States, where she was able to visit many museums and exhibitions of influential artists, she began participating in many international exhibitions. She also obtained national and international awards in various competitions.

Her recent artwork moves in the abstract-lyric direction, leading to a rich
production using varied materials on canvas and wood panels. Her painting language and skillful use of these materials find their expression in informal gesture.

Her paintings are found in public and private collections in Italy (Bibloteca Bertoliana , Pinacoteca of Villa Camerini, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Bologna for the Contemporary Art Museum, Unicredit Private Bank of Vicenza and Comune di Quinto Vicentino etc…), but also in some private collections and art galleries in China, France , Spain and Marocco. She has recently turned to sculpture, and she has a new interest in the Raku technique, making original and versatile artworks. She currently lives and works in Vicenza.